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SLOG's QUARTERLY NEWSLETTERS (currently suspended)


Our full-colour SLOG Newsletter is emailed directly to members four times a year: mid-Feb, mid-May, mid-Aug & mid-Nov. Each one reviewed SLOG events and flagged up forthcoming events. Due to other commitments it has been currently suspended but back copies with useful information are available here.
Regular features included an update from the SLOG Orchard, a "Plagues & Pestilence" topic, a New Apple Variety Review, a "My Favourite Apple" article and a profile of an orchard open to the public.
It also contained other topical articles and useful information & services.
Educational and informative, "The Apple of Your Eye" was a must-read for all South Lakes & N.Lancs Fruit fanatics!

To read a PDF (or doc) version of a newsletter, click the Newsletter title bit to download it. 

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Newsletter  50 Winter 2021

With the latest meeting information and SLOG Orchard working party as well as plagues & pestilence article on the effects of creeping blossoms dates. There's investigation into the Golden Apples of Greek myth and a Penrith Pudding.

Newsletter  49 Autumn 2021

Autumn Orchard Visit to Crookfoot Orchard, in the Gilpin Valley and SLOG Orchard update as well as plagues & pestilence article on earwigs. There a new apple variety: hidden rose and more on other upcoming events.

Newsletter  48 Summer 2021

Summer will be upon us, with Spring being the coldest for some years and this edition has articles on fruit in containers, the serious threat of the Asian Hornet and orchard grazing as well as the usual SLOG orchard updates and upcoming events.

Newsletter  47 Spring 2021

Soon Spring will be here and this edition brings hope of post-pandemic meetings, RHS pruning guidance, some of last years DNA results, more of Hilary's shared experiences and the latest from Robin Page, avocal advocate of environmentally friendly farming.


Newsletter  46 Winter 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic still has significant impact on SLOG's  meetings and development this year. However, outdoor meetings will resumed hopefully, after the lockdown as the events show, with pruning and grafting work shops. This additon reviews  the successes of recent events and press hire opportunities. Theres a look at 'collar rot', New apple variety: TRINITY and of course more tales from Hilary Wilson.

Newsletter  45 Autumn 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on SLOG's  meetings and development this year. However, outdoor meetings have been resumed and there's opportunities to use the fruit presses. This additon clarifies how to hire out the presses as well as the successes of recent events. Theres a look at 'watercore', Flanders Pink and more tales from Hilary Wilson.


Newsletter  44 Summer 2020

With Summer on the way and the apple blossom starting to fall, Andy's latest newsletter starts to introduce stroies from Hilary Wilson in her fruit growing days. There's the usual features, including New Apple, Fruit Focus and SLOG Orchard Update.


Newsletter  43 Spring 2020

It's Spring, well nearly, and that hearalds the latest edition of Apple of Your Eye. In this addition There's bee hotels, asian stink bug of the month in the 'plagues & pestilence' and the latest DNA updates. More detail on events and orchard uptated as well.


Newsletter  42 Winter 2019

In this Winter issue the most important recent news was the awarding of National Plant Collection status by the UK governing body Plant Heritage. There's news of more pressing days and the new apple variety Eden.


Newsletter 41 Autumn 2019

This Autumn issue marks the tenth anniversary of SLOG’s Newsletter “The Apple of your Eye”, and a report of a publication which goes back not just decades but almost half a millennium – 496 years to be precise – the “Boke of Husbandry”, in which the chapter on “graffynge” is still relevant today.


Newsletter 40 Summer 2019

In this addition Andy covers the fruit focus on Kiwi Fruit. Pear midge is the pest of discusstion and the fascinating history of    Gooseberry Shows!


Newsletter 39 Spring 2019

Andy looks at weather, rainfall statistics as well as the Lakeland Horticultural Society’s 50th anniversary. There's some results on DNA for some of our Westmorland apples too.


Newsletter 38 Winter 2018

More DNA data in this issue with pest focus on mussel scale and a look at the new apple, Sunburst.


Newsletter 37 Autumn 2018

The pest of coice this issue is Spotted Wing Drosophila and a review of the new apple Rajka.


Newsletter 36 Summer 2018

Newsletter 35 Spring 2018

Newsletter 34 Winter 2017

Newsletter 33 Winter 2017

Newsletter 32 Winter 2017

Newsletter 31 Winter 2017

Newsletter 30 Winter 2016

Newsletter 29 Autumn 2016


Newsletter 28 Summer 2016

Andy's 28th newsletter for SLOG, and still as interesting and informative as ever. As well as the usual update on SLOG activities, find out all about the first multifruit tree, how to look out for nutrient deficiencies, the heritage apple variety: BLACK GILLYFLOWER, safety standard for gloves (all important when grafting and budding, as well as pruning), wildflowers and beneficial insects.


Newsletter 27 Spring 2016

Amongst other interesting articles, find out about the weather, orchards in Afghanistan, biennial bearing, hybrid berries and making apple cider vinegar.

Plant Heritage 

National Collection Holders conserve rare cultivars within their collections. You can purchase unique and unusual plants from those that offer mail order, plus get expert advice from them all.  See 'find out more' for those offering mail order but please check their websites first as some may not be able to offer mail order currently.


As a National Collection Holder of Malus domestica in the North West, SLOG offer some of these services.

The Plant Heritage news can be found by clicking here.

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