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SLOG Events


SLOG holds practical and interesting events for our members throughout the year including grafting and budding workshops (where you can create your own trees, all materials provided), pruning workshops for both standard and espallier trees, orchard visits, seasonal meetings with guest speakers and members apple pressing days where you can bring your own apples to be pressed (with some volume limits). We also have a stand that tours some of the local fairs and events. You always learn something at a SLOG event!  


Saturday 13th April: Damson Day – at a new location, this year it will be at the Westmorland Showground, Crooklands. SLOG stand will be there, come along for a chat and a glass of apple juice and maybe take a while to peruse the SLOG Library.


Tuesday 14th May: SLOG Orchard Visit. This year we are fortunate to be invited to visit the beautiful gardens & orchard at Gresgarth Hall in the lower Lune Valley at blossom time. Meet 1.30pm at entrance. Please advise me if you wish to attend so we can give advance notice of numbers.


More events to be promulgated soon ...

Orchard Events


The orchard planting is coming along. A plan of the orchard and its varieties is now available.

More details are on the SLOG Orchard page.

If you would like to join the orchard team, please email Andy Andy Gilchrist or call 01539 727772.


We see this as an opportunity to:

  • maintain some of the rarer Furness, Cumberland and Westmorland varieties, from which scion wood and/or buds can be provided for propagation

  • grow on grafts from unidentified trees to obtain fruit for identification

  • evaluate scab-resistant varieties under Cumbrian conditions

  • evaluate new rootstocks such as M116

  • evaluate the suitability of new varieties for Cumbrian conditions

  • etc etc (and it doesn't have to be just apples!)

North Cumbria Orchard Group Events


NCOG events are open to SLOG Members as a reciprocal  arrangement. 


A link to NCOG events can be found by clicking here:


                                         NCOG EVENTS

SLOG Orchard Bloom.jpg

SLOG Orchard in Bloom

MF visit 02.jpg

Gilchrist Gold - Pear from Crook Foot Orchard

Crookfoot Orchard Aerial.JPG

Crook Foot Orchard - Gilpin Valley

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