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Apple Press Hire from SLOG

How many apples am I likely to get from my tree?


Apple yields vary from year to year and in a good year a smallish bush tree may bear 100 lbs (50kg) and a large standard tree (the sort of tree you can walk under) can bear more than 500 lbs (250 kg).

Whatever the yield of your own trees it is likely that even in poor years there will be apples free for the taking from friends and neighbours.

How much juice?


You will get about 2/3 - 3/4 of a

litre of juice per kg of apples you

press. Each press takes a

maximum of 40 kg of apples, so

for each full pressing you should

expect about 25-30 litres, or about

40 wine bottles of juice.

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Big Apple Press              click here for details









Small Apple Press         click here for details

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Make Your Own Press


Alternatively, you may wish to make your own apple press.

At one of SLOG's winter meetings, Mark gave us an excellent talk on how he has done it. 


Mark's notes are available for all to share

SLOG Apple Press


SLOG owns two complete sets of apple pressing equipment, which should suit all needs, and is available FOR MEMBERS to hire. It is easy to become a SLOG member, and we wish to encourage as much use as possible during the short apple pressing season of mid September-mid November.

The apple presses are based in South Cumbria and will need collection, either from base, or from the previous user.

Big Apple Press


This equipment is heavy duty,

and is ideal for people with

orchards of their own and lots

of apples to press. It is also

great for community or village

apple pressing, when groups or

neighbours get together to

spend the day together making great use of all those apples which would otherwise lie on the ground and go to waste. Children love these days too as there is lots of juice to try.

Small Apple Press


This equipment is great for people with smaller amounts of apples to press, and with less room in which  to do it! It can also go into the back of a reasonable sized car.  The 40 litre hydropress has a capacity to  produce a juice yield of up to 20-25 litres (35-44 pints) per pressing, depending on variety and

ripeness of  fruit. It achieves high

juice yields, it should be possible to

carry out 3 pressings per hour Once

filled, the press can take less than 5

minutes to extract juice. Please note

that this requires a mains water

pressure of at least 1 Bar and that it

takes 40 litres of water per pressing.  

Hire charges are £20 per day or part

day. We also ask for a £25 deposit

returnable when the equipment

safely returns.

For SLOG members in Lancashire


Claver Hill Community Garden, Lancaster has recently acquired a Hydropress & Spiedel Mill kit. They have kindly offered to make it available to any SLOG members who wish to organise a weekend pressing day on site. For details contact

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