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The first Working Party of the year took place on Saturday morning 14th March, ten days before lockdown. John dug out the compost heap and spread it around the trees at the top end of the orchard where the soil is lighter and drier, and Adrian spread blood, fish & bone fertiliser around the other trees. We dug out six trees some of which were cankered and some just not thriving, and planted ten new trees. Hugh installed the Plant Heritage board which announces our












“National Plant Collection” status and we hung new labels on three rows of trees. A very important piece of work was the recaning of over twenty trees which had been collapsing under the weight of fruit and wet foliage last year. This will ensure they remain at the correct angle of between 45° and 60° for cordons. Thanks to Romola, George, John, Tanya, Hugh & Adrian for their hard work. Blossom is about two weeks early this year, the pears opened in the first week of April, and most apple varieties were in full bloom before the end of April. The warm spring brought out the pollinating insects and in mid-April there were Orange Tip and Peacock butterflies flitting around. However, fruit set on the pears looks poor, possibly due to a frost in mid-April. The next Working Party will hopefully be in July for thinning fruit set and weeding. The site plan and variety list are on the SLOG website at:
Orchard on 24.04.20 with bright pink Redlove Era in foreground The orchard is on the Underley Road Allottments, situated between Underley Road & Hallgarth Circle just east of Windermere Road, Kendal.

Orchard on 24.04.20 with bright pink Redlove Era in foreground

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