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The third quarter is a quiet time for the orchard, the only activities being mowing the alleys and taking a group of our local Hallgarth residents round on an orchard tour. Harvest time is a good time to do this because it displays the wide range of different apple fruits and of course the chance to sample them. We also need fruit to be able to identify and characterise varieties that are not in the National Collection at Brogdaleur












One variety that sparked considerable email discussion is the old Yorkshire variety Rymer. It arose in 1750 in Thirsk and was recorded by Hogg and Bunyard but does not appear in Joan Morgan’s Book of Apples. We obtained scion wood for the tree in the SLOG orchard from Phil Rainford who in turn received it from a member of the Marcher Apple Group. Fruit from the tree in the SLOG orchard correlated fairly well with published descriptions but with one significant exception: it had a wide open eye which should have been closed. The Marcher Apple Group believe that their assumed Rymer is probably incorrect and it seems that Rymer became a lost variety. However, Derek Tolman of Bernwode Fruit Trees rediscovered it in 2005 in Tasmania so we will attempt to get a scion or tree from him. Another old Yorkshire variety which does not appear in the National Collection is Red Balsam which Hilary Wilson saved from becoming a lost variety by taking scions from the only known surviving tree in North Yorkshire. Our tree fruited for the first time this year and the fruit have an unusual colouration and are Having characterised it, we have now applied for it to be listed in the Register of Local Cultivars, along with Daphne’s Delight, Dan’s Pippin, Ritson’s Red, Cockermouth Codlin and Oakbank Pippin.


Red Balsam which Hilary Wilson saved from the only known tree in Yorkshire.

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