The South Lakeland Orchard Group was formed in 2007 by people who are passionate about orchard fruits in the South Lakeland district of Cumbria, England. In 2019 SLOG was awarded Plant Heritage National Collection status for Malus Domestica (North West English varieties).

Our aims are to conserve, maintain and renovate existing fruit orchards and encourage the planting of new orchards in the South Lakeland area recognising the importance of bio-diversity and the preservation of old local varieties of fruit.

Many members are re-invigorating their orchards using the traditional techniques used for hundreds of years in orchards. Others are actually planning new orchards for posterity.

Our members have a wide range knowledge about orchard maintenance, and also there is unparalled experience of local heritage varieties.

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All of our events are free to members. We welcome new members who can join at the event - just £10 for a couple, and £8 singles. Alternatively, look on our joining page and contact Joanna Steven who will get you signed up now.

SLOG Newsletter Autumn 2021 Edition

Andy's 50th newsletter for SLOG is out now and has creeping blossom

dates and Greek myths!

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Cherry Blossom.jpg
  • All members are welcome to sit in on our committee meetings which are held at 7.30pm at the Derby Arms, Witherslack.

  • Minutes of the last committee meeting are here The next committee meeting is on tuesday Feb 4th 2020 7.30pm at the Derby Arms, Witherslack


  • The SLOG Autumn Newsletter is now available


  • SLOG members can get discounts from Beetham Nurseries (5% off all products), and RV Roger (10% off fruit trees and bushes). Please have your membership card and number ready to quote before your sale goes through the till

  • SLOG Orchard If you want to be involved in the orchard, please email Andy (by clicking here) or call him on 01539 727772.

Apple Trees for Sale


For SLOG's apple trees, grafted in 2019 are still available and ready for planting, please

see our Apple Trees for Sale. 

SLOG has specially selected

varieties and rootstocks that

do well here in the North West. 

Here is a description of each

variety to help you make up

your mind. Price £15.00.

Katy 2013 (2).jpg

Our Guide to Planting a Maiden Tree


Read and print off our guide

to planting your new tree.

Put together by Mike for

everyone who buys a SLOG

tree, it's now available for all.

We hope you like it, and find

it helpful.

Maiden Fruit Tree Planting.png

The Apples and Orchards of Cumbria



Our chairman, Andy Gilchrist has written a book about the apple varieties and orchards of

Cumbria. It is on sale from Books Cumbria, for £9.00 + P&P

and can also be ordered direct from Andy by contacting him on

AG Book.jpg
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